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Silver Sails Racing is Competing in the XII International Women's Match Race Criterium in Calpe, Spain
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- Race Day 2 (06 May 2010)

- Race Day 1 (05 May 2010)

Day 2 (06 May 2010)

O la,

Today was a much better day.
We were blessed with shifty breeze holding a pretty steady 10 knots in the bay.


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We were able to finish on 3 wins and 1 loss.
However this was not good enough for us to qualify to the next round.....  bugger!

Racing was really close and tight, and the highlight for us today was to be able to finish ahead!

Over the next few days the team will split and head home to NZ.
The plan is to have a few days off and then head to a training camp with the NZ squad.
Looking forward to focusing on ironing out some creases and then getting back to race in Europe in late May.

Thanks for all the support. It's been a tough trip, however, so much has been learnt and taken.


Sam, Raynor, Jenna, Aevril and Susannah.

Day 1 (05 May 2010)

Hi all.

After an epic road trip along the coast of Spain, Silver Sails Racing is now competing in the Femino Criterium in Calpe, Spain.  The event is one of the longest standing Grade 1, Womens Match Racing events and this year we are celebrating its 12th anniversary. What is even more impressive is that many of the competitors have been racing at this event for nearly as long.  We are racing in the Tom Max 28’s which are sailed 5 up, and have been joined by Susannah Pyatt and Aevril Hibbard.

Today was the first day of racing, and despite getting many races away we are yet to put any points on the scoreboard. Perfection is the way to win races and small mistakes are costing a lot- in Susannah’s words, when you are competing with the best in the world “you go to jail for life for petty theft”. 

We are looking forward to racing tomorrow, the game is still on.

Sam, Jen, Ray, Susannah and Aevril

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The Semaine Olympique Française (SOF) spacer spacer spacer
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- Racing at Hyere comes to an end.....

- Race Day 3 (27 April 2010)

- Race Day 2 (26 April 2010)

- Race Day 1 (25 April 2010)

- Getting there (20 April 2010)

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Racing at Hyere comes to an end... (27 April 2010)

Hello Family, Friends and Supporters

Over the last two days we have sailed the silver fleet round robin.
We've had similar conditions to earlier in the week - light and shifty.

We won three and lost 2 races. We finished 2nd overall which gave us a final placing of 14th.

This wasn't the plan for the regatta, however we're looking  forward to moving on.

So we're planning on having the next few days off before we drive to Calpe, Spain for our next regatta.

Until next time........

Samantha Osborne, Raynor Smeal and Jenna Hansen

Race Day 3 (27 April 2010)

Hello to all,

Well, we are not the bearer of too much good news today.

We finished the day with 3 losses and 5th in our pool.
This meant we missed out on the gold fleet and rep-charge round.  A very disappointing result.

This morning we sailed in light drifting conditions and later in the day the breeze filled in to around 8 knots.
We had our chances and we were definitely in the hunt however it just didn't finish so well for the Kiwi team.
The conditions were tough and we didn't make it easy for ourselves.

So we'll take the lessons learnt, forget the rest and start fresh tomorrow.
We will sail in the silver round robin, competing for 13th.

Thanks to our coach, Laurie Jury, for supporting us today.


Samantha Osborne, Raynor Smeal and Jenna Hansen

Race Day 2 (26 April 2010)


Well we had a busy day....... and not much yachting.
The conditions were similar to yesterday with the breeze not filling in till just after lunch.
The race committee did a great job in firing the races away and making the most of the breeze we had this afternoon.

Pool A and B finished their round robin and there were quite a few upsets.... check out the results on the regatta website.
Pool C jumped into the boats at around 6pm. Unfortunately the breeze died and we were unable to race.

We followed each of the races today from a mixture of viewing spots. We watched the action from a shore and once ready for a close up view we got comfortable in the coach boat and zipped out to the course. 

This means we are first up tomorrow. We ready and amped..... bring it on!

Au revoir

Samantha Osborne, Raynor Smeal and Jenna Hansen

Race Day 1 (25 April 2010)

Hello to all our supporters,

Today was the first day of racing at the World Cup in Hyere, France.

From our World ranking we were seeded into Pool C.
This meant Pool A and B raced before us and we raced late this afternoon.

To our delight the sun joined us today..... however this bought flat, light and shifty conditions.

We had a strong start to the regatta finishing the day with 3 wins and 1 loss.

The loss was an absolute bugger. We had a substantial lead rounding the bottom mark; however the breeze kept clocking right and the Spanish just kept lifting up inside us to lead around the top mark.
Due to the wind shift it was a lay through to the finish and therefore no passing lanes.

Highlight of the day was our photo finish against the Greeks. It was all on in the last 2 boat lengths to the finish..... we took the pin and it paid its dividend.

We've got 3 races scheduled for tomorrow, which will complete the round robin.

So the NZL match racing team are happy and healthy.... ready for another good day tomorrow.


Samantha Osborne, Raynor Smeal and Jenna Hansen

Getting There (20 April 2010)


Thought we'd send through an update of where we are at with the volcanic ash situation in Europe.

This morning we woke to news that we could fly on our original flight from LA to Munich this evening.......things started off well..... we were one of the lucky passengers.

However, this wouldn't be a good story without some not so good news.... we couldn't get from Munich, Germany to Marseille, France. (This airport in one hour from the regatta venue).

We have time on our side, so we've spent most of the day on the internet and telephone coming up with a plan to get to the ISAF World Cup in Hyere. 

So here are the outcomes of the day:
We will get to Munich.
The next flight to Marsaille with spare seats is next Monday.
All other airports close to the regatta venue are either closed or the flight is fully booked till next week.
No hire cars available in Munich for weeks....
There were no bus tickets available.
An 18 hour train was available for an extraordinary price from Munich to Marseille.....

But wait.... coach Laurie was able to board his flight from LA to Frankfurt late this afternoon.
His flight from Frankfurt to Marseille was also cancelled... and he boarded with no real idea what was going to happen once he arrived in Frankfurt.

The best news of the day was that there he will be a hire car in Frankfurt.
After 24 hours of flying (NZ/LA/Frkft) his mission is to get to Munich and pick us up and head to the regatta! Thanks coach!

Looking like we should even make it for the two practice days.

So we are safe, healthy and all fine and dandy..... looking forward to the regatta.

With all the driving, obviously won't be in touch in the next few days.... so don't be worried..... we're just living our dream.

Samantha Osborne, Raynor Smeal and Jenna Hansen